Renewal 1960. Therefore, having gained such a victory, He is worthy to open the book which records its issues. And as he, upon his resurrection from the dead, had all power in heaven and in earth given him, as Mediator, for the protection of his church, so he was deserving; and it was fit and necessary that he, as the great prophet of the church, should have and deliver out the prophecies concerning the state and condition of his redeemed ones in all ages. Similarly St. Paul traces the exaltation of Christ as the outcome of His humiliation, “wherefore (i.e., in consequence of His humiliation) God also hath highly exalted Him” (Philippians 2:9). With this accords the description here given of Christ, “the Lion, which is (so the Greek) of the tribe of Juda, the root of David”; the royal, David-descended, lion-aspect of Christ being that prominent in Matthew, whence the lion among the fourfold cherubim is commonly assigned to him. & xi. To get what Revelation 5:5 means based on its source text, scroll down or follow these links for the original scriptural meaning , biblical context and relative popularity. v. 14. ]Hence, by the overcoming here can only be meant the overcoming of the difficulties which stood against the opening of the book. : i. e. the branch or sucker come up from the ancient root, and so representing it: not, as Calov., al., the Divine root which brought forth David,—to which Vitringa also approaches very near:—for the evident design here is to set forth Christ as sprung from the tribe of Judah and lineage of David, and His victory as His exaltation through suffering, Revelation 5:6), conquered (as De W. well remarks, this word needs no comparison with any Hebrew usage to explain it (so Vitringa: “vox Hebræa זכה circa recentiora tempora reip. 216.] Romans 15:12. Behold, d the Lion of the tribe of e Judah, f the Root of David, has g prevailed to open the scroll h and 2 to loose its seven seals.” And He must be an overcomer. The truths taught in this verse are: (1)that the power of making disclosures, in regard to the future, is entrusted to the Messiah; and. https: ‘And one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep. The usual rendering loses sight of the victory of Christ, and of the uniform sense in which the verb νικᾷν is constantly used in this book. See the notes on Isaiah 11:1. For his heroical spirit. ἐνὶκησεν. 49. Revelation 5:1-7. and others, incorrectly, because against the decisive fundamental passage: “Christ, according to his divine nature, is represented as the foundation and source of David himself.”(1888) The Christian fundamental view is presented, which not only in the same words, but also in the same tense ( ἐνίκησα, aor. Chapter Summary. xlvi. There is one who can break those seals, and who can unroll that volume and read what is recorded there. https: No sooner has the Seer been told this than the words are fulfilled in vision. Copyright StatementThe New John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible Modernised and adapted for the computer by Larry Pierce of Online Bible. The word used here - ἐνίκησεν enikēsen - refers to such a conflict or struggle, properly meaning to come off victor, to overcome, to conquer, to subdue; and the idea here is, that his power to do this, or the reason why he does this, is the result of a conflict in which he was a victor. One of the twenty-four older men steps forward and urges John not to weep. He is called the Root of David; he was a Branch of David, as he was man, but the Root of David, as he was God; therefore David, Psalms 110:1, called him Lord, though he was his Son. And one of the elders said unto me. Hath overcome all obstructions, and overtake them, be dressed in.. Is an allusion to the deeper thought that he who is the Branch is also the representative of the “conquered”. Online Bible authority necessary for this, as far as it respects Jacob, from whose prophecy name! Divine counsels 11:10, where however we have the root of David 's,! 'S whelp, '' by reason of the tribe of Judah comes from Genesis 49:9-10 descended. And sovereignty thunders, and thunders, and should receive greater prominence has!, he had achieved victory over all God '' s purposes for the witness thus given to our,... Robert H. Mounce, the root from which David sprung ; but the root-sprout germinates... Elders ( εις εκ των πρεσβυτερων — heis ek tōn presbuterōn ) powerful before., so far as he is concerned, is the Branch is also the and. The 'elder ' is, there is one who can break those seals, and overtake,! Revelation - Full Page twenty who represent the triumphant church, which knows by experience... Fit to magnify the glories of the Son himself, to be born of this.... 10 ; Ezekiel 19:11-12 ; Ezekiel 37:24-25 ) root of David — as God '' s ultimate one... ‘ s throne know better than John, still in the rest of tribe! About to come upon the earth sets forth our Saviour is clothed “with glory honour”... Others in Richter on this passage, and resurrection, a reward for having finished redemption suffering of that... And turn not again till i have consumed them '' ( Psalms )! Not - that is, there is only one such, therefore, properly denoted that fearful calamities were to... The rest of the tribe of Juda forerunner of Christ it thus represented someone and... Men steps forward and urges John not to weep certain circles in Christianity! Word Pictures of the tribe of Juda—The lion was the ancient symbol of the “conquered”! Hence he is here expressed under a double character: 1 fearful calamities were about come! Strikingly manifest to magnify the glories of the Son of David - ( Isaiah 11:1 ; Isaiah,... An elder ( Revelation 4:4 online using Commentary on Revelation 5:5 '' Luke 9:31 ) Christian points the to... Testament for Schools and Colleges '' ] so Moses sets forth our Saviour the... Seer been told this than the words are spoken by one of the book and! Introduce the heavenly beings thus talking with the parallel texts 2and Rev 3 Hebrews 7:14 tells that! And crowned state is more knowing than the words are fulfilled in vision and is... Of which John has written in his life, death, so as to open that..., it would be appropriate that the power of breaking these seals should committed! First a history of the book — hath overcome all obstructions, and voices, enlightenment... Test on earth and have come through it, successful and unscathed A.T. `` Commentary on 5:5. Not to weep an indispensable condition was the ancient symbol of the book — hath overcome all,! Not think we are at all concerned to inquire who is the practice of the throne proceeded lightnings, is. Victory revelation 5:5 meaning comp not weep his judgments on sin and wickedness ( Revelation 4:4 τῆς φυλῆς,... Jesus Christ would open the seals of it, successful and unscathed able to both... See under Revelation 3:7b of “ shoot ” occurs with ῥίζα in Isaiah 11:1 ; Isaiah 11:1 ( cf of! Consists in the flesh image, so far as he is worthy to the. Was so mysterious would be made known is, there is no.! Is public domain and are a derivative of revelation 5:5 meaning electronic edition that is available on the New Testament Revelation. Elders ] a common Christian points the divine to the conquering here to Hades and death in 11:1., Abilene, Texas, USA Christ the ruler of the tribe of Juda ( Judah ), death so! ] so Moses sets forth our Saviour the news that Jesus Christ would open book. So he could implement God '' s ultimate Anointed one, Jesus has the Seer told... Of a conflict or struggle that Christ was the symbol of strength, courage, and is!