Attached to this complaint is a copy of the lease or occupancy agreement, if any, under which possession is claimed, and a copy of the notice to quit or demand for possession showing when and how it was served. The national office has also undertaken a number of helpful initiatives, such as the Web site, that have made the agency accessible to anyone with a computer. The manager will have to be told that there is a discrimination complaint. complaint has been previously filed in . Case Summary. The case status is Disposed - Judgment Entered. If the manager is the one discriminating, they will have to notified as well via The action remains is no longer pending. The more specific the complaint, the more likely it will be that OSHA makes an on-site inspection, especially if OSHA is able to contact the person making the complaint. Note: your employer is prohibited by law from taking any retaliatory measures as a response to your complaint. On 05/31/2012 PGI Investments LLC filed a Property - Residential Eviction lawsuit against Becerra.This case was filed in San Diego County Superior Courts, Central Courthouse located in San Diego, California. OSHA will review your complaint. Filed a legal complaint alleging that a product presents a substantial product hazard; Has entered into a remedial settlement agreement dealing with a product; Has published a public health or safety finding; or; The manufacturer consents to its disclosure. Report a patient safety event, concern, or complaint about a Joint Commission-accredited health care organization. OSHA can only cite a business for violations that are currently active or existed within the prior 6 months; Complete the OSHA complaint form online, by fax, or through mail and submit it to an OSHA Area or Regional office. File a complaint as soon as you notice the violation or hazard. 2. The docket number and assigned judge are . (Also see 16 CFR 1015.18.) Court. The Public Justice Center filed a complaint with the federal agency charged with protecting workers, seeking a “full investigation” on its claims … 3. On the other hand, if the complaint is about racial discrimination, you must clearly communicate that you have to investigate and that certain people will have to know. OSHA may follow up with the employer and resolve some complaints over the phone. The agency clearly has problems, however, and the biggest one that I and other safety and health professionals see … More Help Filing an OSHA complaint is a right, but can feel like a big step. The third priority deals with formal employee complaints of unsafe or unhealthy working conditions and referrals from any source (including patients) about a workplace hazard. If a Code of Civil Procedure §364 Notice of Intent to sue is filed at an appropriate time, the one (1) year statute of limitations can be tolled for a period of time up to ninety (90) days. After that, you can file a complaint (attaching the evidence) with OSHA or your state, if your state has a worker-safety program.