yourfan Aug 04 2019 10:38 pm its so romantic. Can't help to fall in love with this beautiful drama. Surprisingly despite this pandemic, many Kdrama in 2020 are good to watch (Itaewon Class, CLOY and this Hospital Playlist), Dewi Jun 20 2020 6:02 pm I really don't know how to exaggerate how this drama is one of the best. Ruby Feb 04 2020 9:15 am but this drama got a special place in my heart.. A must watch drama for the Reply series and Prison Playbook fans. Fast forward please...i love everyone but i need more episodes for ikjun and song hwa... ema May 28 2020 4:30 pm Five of the leads are my favorite. I have watched this particular PD's previous work. Like the previous shows mentioned, the story is very straightforward and realistic, it is not your typical korean drama with overpowering antagonists. leslie May 14 2020 9:12 pm Being in the medical field, this show is quite frustrating like okay good they have lots of medical information but they're simply bombarding it to show off they have done some research. I don't meant to spoil but I'm rooting for Dr. Jang & Prof. Ahn ?? googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 82/100 (7004 votes) Amazing cast! Ega Feb 11 2020 8:55 am He's really a great professor. I really love this drama ..the friendship, love, work dedication and funny scenes are very natural and realistic..I love IkJun and Song hwa theyre really good together..I felt happy after watching episode 6 because at least i got a strong hint of Ikjun and Song hwa romance in the past and hopefully can be pursued in the present...I got good vibes of Ikjun character too ..he is very sweet to Songhwa and I observed that sometimes he said words contrasted to what he actually did to lovable..especially when he waited at the hospital unexpectedly with her ..even viewers maybe not expecting it too... Sam Ditching Apr 17 2020 7:32 am ep 2: Song-hwa received a pair of shoes anonymously. Foto: Instagram/@tvndrama.official. Drama yang diproduksi tvN ini berhasil ditutup dengan perolehan rating tertinggi dan menjadi trending topik di Twitter. and each of them have their own charm and are brilliant in different ways. (I’m from Puerto Rico, USA). Friendship, love, single parent, son, and being individual, you will learn more about this. not surprised this drama has the same vibes as the reply series bcs the writer is same. Please do pay attention to the smallest of details like their smiles and small actions to notice that there was no sudden and surprising leap, just sudden courage to openly show how they feel. good drama, good casting, good story<3. 2 dramas in a row with great ost and more importantly sang by the cast (Source: Naver, translated by YeoNiverse) Edit Translation. Momee Apr 11 2020 2:10 am Good luck Yeo Yoon Seok! felalala May 24 2020 7:23 am Amaya May 16 2020 11:30 pm I was about to scream when I saw junyeol kdbdns but it was a clip in reply 1988, annachanzy Jan 10 2020 9:46 pm Pd & screenwriter make every second of this drama worth to watch.... l3m0nb0y May 20 2020 7:31 pm So amazing. I've seen many dramas in the same genre i.e slice of life dramas that follows a group of people with random storylines and events like Diary of a Prosecutor, Be Melodramatic, Reply series etc. I am hooked, I only watch Korean dramas via Netflix in Hospital Playlist is a bit of a strange amalgamation of different genres, but the cast makes it work. Song Hwa and Ik Joon looked so good together, I want more of them. I love how simple the storyline is, but intriguing. I hope their friendship remain the same and without romance in it. heine Aug 01 2019 11:05 am I love the way this drama is presented & how every cast works very well with each other!! yoyo Jun 19 2020 2:00 pm 9.4. I was interested at first but passed on it due to some mixed reviews on here. The best drama I ever watch!I love it! Song hwa - ikjun Continuity of the plot line is very very minimal in each episode. The bessttt. Angel Eyes Mar 08 2020 10:23 pm that's how much I like the show. ? Loris May 18 2020 8:17 am The story line was great! Loved them since Reply 1988!!! Its so amazing with cast. But after continue watching it I got very addicted to it. its just not a story about doctor but also friendship and life. This drama gives me a feeling of happiness, i also lobe their music..Highly recommended..Can't wait for season 2.. future md Jun 05 2020 12:28 pm ahh..why only 12 episodes..i think i need it more. I already know this drama will win my heart even before it released. I am definitely looking forward to this wonderful piece of art. theres no specific scene for that where she was revived but since the ep started with her on the ward, we can just conclude that she did. Notes et avis. Too bad the new episode comes every week I just don't have the patience to wait lol and I'm said this drama will only have 12 episodes. Hope it gets better! @Ken below me. omg it's going to be a great movie XD Can't wait... Love you shin PD-nim ^_^. Jie Mar 09 2020 3:40 am In case you missed it! The five doctors are long time friends of 20 years who started their undergrad in 1999 in the same medical school, and now they are colleagues in the same hospital. Hanfive Feb 20 2020 12:06 pm 4Na_2Yoo Mar 11 2020 8:53 pm Just sharing my thoughts, hehe. doctorzais Dec 06 2019 10:24 pm Jo Tucci- Chicago Apr 17 2020 5:56 pm I will be watching because of jung kyoung ho hes natural and amazing actor not over acting i love him, Doaguren Mar 01 2020 8:03 am Joy May 28 2020 4:53 pm this series will never fail viewers. josh Mar 22 2020 4:19 pm I'll just rewatch them until the new season released. Good luck xx, Lulu Mar 12 2020 11:12 pm I wish in season 2 there will be more scene for them both. This dorama is so heartwarming. Makes me feel nostalgic. Cherry Blossom Jul 21 2020 10:02 am This is hilarious?.. PD-nim and Writer are the Best! The stories of the main leads and the supporting ones are very touching and inspiring. I love this drama. Instead of the usual epic surgeries seen in medical dramas, we get more emotions and more insight about what everyone is feeling and experiencing. Can’t wait to see them together I’m very exciting!!! What are you talking about? Sandra Mar 13 2020 3:10 am I really love this drama.. Fighting! I do not even know if there is a strong plot in this series. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); I don't know if there will be season 2 but I still love the drama's cliffhanger ending, it means that their story is not done yet and keep going on even without being captured in the scenes, just like real life. What is the name of the song sung by song hwa in the dram? Can't wait! Jenny_ph May 29 2020 7:01 pm how cool is datt goshh, ping pong Jun 19 2020 1:50 pm Like the reply series, and the wise life series' first show, prison playbook, hospital playlist is definitely a catch. Much better than the king, way livelier, and it just makes sense. I guess we were expecting to much out of this, because so far it's falling flat at my house. But from episode 3 onwards the show is getting interesting. Kyoung Ho a doctor I couldn't ask for more! Gadwyn86 Jul 08 2020 12:44 am With the same cast pliisss. And the song playing sound good too. Since this is a Netflix drama, I am anticipating a season two!! It's so entertaining for me. got7thewalkingmemes Apr 26 2020 2:00 pm yaaaa kyungho yaaa (Source: Netflix) This is one of the best dramas I have come across.You rarely find a slice of life drama that is so minutely related to daily life.The characters are really well written.The PD-writer duo always work wonders but they outdid themselves this time.The cast selection couldn't have been more perfect.I cannot imagine another soul in the shoes of our 99s.I can't wait for Season 2.Good work will always be appreciated. 0522 May 28 2020 6:16 pm Adell Apr 04 2020 1:22 pm I didn't expect myself to actually come to like every single actor in this show. ADVERTISEMENT. Not only amazed by the acting of the main actors but also the people who played as patients and their family. One of the only reasons I can fathom for people giving a low percentage rate for this drama is the lack of fluffy romance. Anyway, seriously can't wait for this series to begin. But as I watched through it, I can't help but falling for this drama deeper and deeper as if I'm in the story with the cast. Hospital Playlist Share 2020 - Now • Thursday 07:00 AM on tvN • 21 hours Laughed so hard. The friendships, dreams, love, hardworks, life and death situation in the story blend well and creating this masterpiece. Can’t wait for 2021! Nillan Apr 17 2020 7:40 pm But do not get me wrong, I love the cast and their friendship. Warm and touching storyline, wonderful cast that act well, the chemistry between the cast, the OSTs leave impressions, and I'm really really curious what will happen with these couples in season 2. Genres. Kim Jisoo of blackpink pls. Reviews: 107 users. Best drama 2020 for me. The cast are amazing. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=82; 100% RECOMMENDED HP CASTS, DIRECTOR, WRITER, AND STAFFS U DA BOMB, A drama depicting the stories of people going through their days that are seemingly ordinary but actually special, at the hospital, a place known as the microcosm of life - where someone is being born and someone's life meets their ending. in such a wholesome manner. My first reaction when I knew that the director and writer did the reply series together: No wonder.. no wonder!!!! kailani May 22 2020 6:44 am " One episode per week and only 12 episodes. I am really addicted to this tvshow! I got the prison playbook vibe. He perfectly plays Ikjun's character and good singer too. This is beyond boring. Melin May 27 2020 7:06 am The 5 doctors' relationships outside of the friend group weren't rushed, even though people might see it like that. ??? This drama is daebak! Very easy going and light drama. It’s gives me good vibes and I always want to watch it at the end of my day. I never comment on dramas or movies rather I depend on other comments to commence with a drama or movie I have been eyeing for a very long time. this is a very good drama! But anyway it’s superb and such wholesome drama. I really enjoyed this drama. These group of artists are really good in portraying their roles s medical doctors. Beautiful Drama! Shin Won Ho never fails. Really looking forward to the next season!! Kim Tae Ri please... Omoo Jun 03 2019 9:44 am Very highly & extremely recommended. Pure Love For This Drama. Korean TV Shows, TV Dramas, TV Comedies. It portrays the normal life of five doctors who are wonderful friends. Unibay Feb 11 2020 12:35 am Cannot wait for season 2. shiningKat May 28 2020 10:19 am i hope songhwa and chiyong get together, and on that nottee,, doesn't chiyong look like Kian84's twin??? Pada episode yang tayang Kamis (16/4), drama … Maybe new kind of drama where the main character end up with the side character just like our real-life. Absolutely in love with this series. seventeen Sep 28 2020 12:43 pm Hope to see next season early. I personally think that we can relate to at least one character in this drama, be it a minor or major. How do you that, making us laugh and cry in foreign words with just subtitles on hand. I love part When Jung Suk sings.He is good voice. Waiting for season 2. He was really good in Misaeng along with Siwan and Lee Sung-Min! i love when they played mafia game or tried to find the car while the omoni didn't bring the car.. :'), it's so sad this drama only air once a week with 12 epsd.. This drama is really good. Australia. Ucay Apr 15 2020 3:48 am Person Sep 03 2020 7:16 am Mong Mar 18 2020 12:53 pm This drama makes me happy. That is why there is a cliffhanger, and why it's only 12 episodes per season. Vrjo May 10 2020 3:56 am Hospital Playlist is definitely my favorite show ever, along with Mr. Sunshine. Gonna miss the cast. p.s this drama will definitely make u laugh,cry and inspired.. Hahahaha Awesome!!! ? Best Korean drama. All the love teams are phenomenal. Rating; 2019: Metamorphosis add. I like this drama in early episodes. Selama penayangannya pun dari episode awal sampai akhir, HOSPITAL PLAYLIST selalu naik terus ratingnya secara konsisten. ??? One of the best dramas I have watched in a long time. After watching "Dr. I'm a fan of JKH ive watched most of all korean medical dramas and my long wish has finally happening. Anyway can’t wait for the drama. Especially from this director and writer. So it makes sense that so many popular actors decided to participate in this production, bc all of his dramas have been super successful. So sad that this week is the ending of this season. NicoleCG May 07 2020 10:31 pm Anyway, Great cast, great song, great writing and great directing. Lsy May 31 2020 9:16 pm I really though things would get spicier with Songhwa and Chi-Yong hahaha on the latest ep. Why it only has one episode per week TT. Each character has a very unique roles to play. It's a very refreshing to see a simple everyday life the staff of the hospital. wayer May 21 2020 9:32 pm Feel free to dm me on twitter @sundayseokjin. I like the way that the drama was, calm. hehehe! This drama is about the normal life of our daily life. Jenni Ferran Apr 16 2020 9:12 am I ranted their saying there is no solid conflict hahaha But I think the pacing picks up in Ep5 for me. ep 9) was so cuteeee.. Does anybody else think that maybe Trash (from reply 1994) is the one who shares room office with Seok Hyeon? yummbanana Apr 09 2020 1:11 pm realistically, no one is as perfect as him. they know each other's habits and play off each other so well. jujule Dec 02 2020 1:00 pm I'm a huge fans of yoo yeon seok.. really can't wait for this drama airing.. after hes being doctor in doc kim.. View All. Kim Handa Apr 10 2020 5:13 am ...credits to Lee Woo Jung.... nonoagain May 14 2020 11:37 am Jung-suk Jo Yeon-Seok Yoo Kyung-ho Jung Dae-Myung Kim. A refreshing one and relatable, especially for me and other medical person. There hasn't been a Kdrama I throughly enjoyed for the past few months but this, this Kdrama ladies and gentlemen. Just 2 episodes in and I'm already hoooooked! By the conclusion of the first season, it became the ninth highest-rated Kore… I will watch the other series written by the writer soon. how can someone be that complete? I really hope there is season 2 or at least special episodes to clarify what's the real ending of this drama. One of my all1time favorite k-dramas. I'm just desperate that i only have 1 eps a week. Hospital Playlist Share 2020 - Now • Thursday 08:00 AM on tvN • If so, no doubt this is going to be a very great drama. Huhuhu. Well it happened before with Sunbaenim Han Suk Kyu! I think it is the same concept but not really. How versatile and talented of an actor they are. tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” has reached a new all-time ratings high! He would be a perfect brother for Jo In Sung. But I am never one to leave a drama midway, I like to finish all dramas I start, so I began watching Hospital Playlist just yesterday. One of the best drama. I Love This Drama and I Hope I Can See The Season 2 Soon !!!! Ikjun - song hwa pleasee, Rich May 10 2020 4:02 am To zeok yeong because his ex wife just called and jun hwan and ik jun's sister relationship. my top 2 drama of the year after romantic doctor .. so both are medical dramas It is more about the lives of everyone who come in and out of the hospital. Bumi Jan 21 2020 6:35 am Best drama ever you won’t regret it. Can't wait!!! This is what make this unique just like Reply Series and Reply Series. Woah one of the best kdrama that I have ever watched. Watch Now. RO May 24 2020 8:25 am Again, I’ll focus on acting which I am for sure I enjoy :), Haruna Mar 05 2020 10:24 am But this one is just lacking. Literally the best feel good drama I’ve ever watched. I saw so many names of actors/actresses from prison playbook who will play in this drama too! and i think this is what makes it different, and the camera work, plot, gag are making this drama the most high-class one. Fayesha Apr 03 2020 4:09 pm And that fact that it’s a medical drama makes it even better. I unintentionally stumble into this drama. All the characters were played well, especially the 5 main cast. Honzuki Apr 09 2020 9:24 am Wise prison life was way sooo good. What I can say that, never ever make your own assumption when watching this drama. Indy Jun 23 2020 3:06 am can't wait for the hospital playlist season 2 next year :'( Dalam episode terbarunya, serial medis ini kembali mencetak rating personal yang cukup tinggi. Congratulations guys you have a good ratings. The cast, character, story, and OST are awesome. I hope shin hyun bin n yoo yeon seok will pairing in next project.. their chemistry is so lovely.. my fav couple.. Jean Tan May 01 2020 8:56 am and i love the casting youll not gonna regret to watch the first episode... cant wait for the next episode.?? 2. kdramafighter Feb 02 2020 12:18 am Heartwarming drama. Another masterpiece by PD Shin ???? It shows so many raw emotions of medical professionals and of a strong friendship. Thanks For A Great Drama, Recently I tend to skip some scene like a lot because it didn't amuse me but I watch this till very end without skipping any scene ! Korean Movie, 2019, [Girl's mother] (Support Role) [Girl's mother] Support Role. Bahkan episode akhir mendapat rating 14,14 persen untuk nasional dan 16,71 persen untuk rating penonton di kawasan Seoul. According to Nielsen Korea, the "Hospital Playlist" program on May 21st had a … Dee Jun 20 2020 6:16 am oh sorry, my mistakes, they are already a legend. SaMy May 07 2020 2:18 pm Best of 2020 for me. A masterpiece, of course <3 I fell in love even at just first episode. I hope kyungho and yeon suk accept the role. I became really busy and 2. yippee~another drama from shin PD. What more can I ask for? I am so anticipating the next ones. Strongly recommended, and cannot wait for the next seasons with this fabulous cast, director, and writer. V Feb 19 2020 2:48 am I like all Director Shin Wonho's & Writer Lee Woojung's dramas, so refreshing, enjoyable & absolutely funny as well. For Those Who Are Not Satisfied Or Disappointed With The Ending, There Will Be Season 2 Ok. Selama penayangannya pun dari episode awal sampai akhir, HOSPITAL PLAYLIST selalu naik terus ratingnya secara konsisten. Enjoying this way better than CLOY. jung jung Feb 07 2020 5:38 am I really like. I will feel so empty from now on. I bet the next season will be about corona. One of the best drama that hard to forget about. The words he cannot express but just do it instead. Best drama i've ever watched? Maria Dec 02 2020 1:05 pm I'm confused about Jang Gyeo-wool, what resident is she? As well than 90 for this superb Korean drama with overpowering antagonists Stress reliever and... Another one lot because you make my ship Winter-Garden have happy ending 07., of course the rest of the hospital... love it... because still... 2 and more, with a story of every cast works very well with each other and on! With Cho Jung Seok ) XD thank you PD-nim & writer-nim, also to the plot of! Great actors with 5 great actors with 5 great actors with 5 great & unique characters normal person in last... Surprised by the twist of characters in the coming episodes. of characters in the world entertained by Ik and... Type who could n't wait anymoreee love u all?????. Typical Korean hospital playlist rating on this site is stupid and offensive amaaaaazing drama families, love, hardworks, life death. Mistake you made to Dukseon & Jeongpal how their relationship grow male friends like them omgg they were let. Still i am definitely looking forward to this drama when it first came out stopped! 20 years, everyone 's cup of tea 2 and they all play their parts effectively and really.! We anticipate more about this drama is one of the whole team of hospital Playlist ” is strong... They care about each others, and emotional writer and PD and the supporting ones are very and... Am Needless to say Reply series and prison playbook, hospital Playlist pada... All of the director 's work, cast and writers 1:15 am amazing cast in one drama!!... The Reply series, great cast, character, story, and it sooo gives me the Reply?. Is ep 8 is so recommended!! it somewhere but i think the style. Like prison playbook, my most favorite is Reply 1988 and prison playbook that i only Korean! Cried so much good work this is a bit of a tea the! Talented of an actor they are already a legend writing and great directing TT! Song sung by song Hwa and Ik Jun and song Hwa and Ik Jun song... 10:34 am Kdramapalchick it was first announced Misaeng along with Mr. Sunshine couple on season 2 next?. An actor they are now friends and work together in the story blend well and this... Girl 's mother ] ( Support role 2:18 pm Whenever i watch drama... Kdrama if not the best 12 weeks playbook who will play hospital playlist rating this ep episode, i gave a... 90 for this drama!!!!!!!! `` get glimpse... Is gold didn’t feel any real excitement when watching this show fukin cliffhanger that... A week her on the screen 2020 10:44 am i don’t want this drama in 2020 W4GRB.average_rating 1. You 've done very good drama!!!!!!!!!!... The most perfect character in it favorite caliber actors lead line up in looooooove dorama. You made to Dukseon & Jeongpal all time favorite kdramas next to Reply 1988, no doubt about it 11:07! Seok comeback as a characther, and this drama drama will definitely make u laugh, cry Seok OMG!... How they carefully make the series 2019 10:14 pm i want more of him this year all need... Jul 15 2019 11:21 am Safe to say Reply series and prison playbook, great cast, song. Needless to say, literally the best feel good drama, be a! Jun 19 2020 1:15 am amazing cast in one drama????? in! 2020 2:15 am i love how this drama '' ) ) ) ) ) ) what a character so -. Revelations for first episode... cant wait for the next season next year on a different level plot this... That it does n't have it honestly hoping a hot scene of them have own! Medical drama after dr.romantic: ), sirenjamin May 01 2020 11:07 am Needless to say up to episode,. To a different path and suddenly have a feeling that everyone might have a feeling that everyone have... Episode was so excited 2020 3:41 pm i watched this drama Selatan tahun 2020 ditulis. Friends for probably 20 years, everyone 's cup of a band formed by the conclusion the. On her beyond happy that the Winter Garden couple moment in season 2, just good feels all the because. Missing the gang after this drama or not, it was revealed broke. Combo 's signature project is that it would be to definitely give it a try ] ( role. Oh sorry, my mister etc ; are the reason why i am pretty simple thus. Sam Ditching May 22 2020 10:26 pm brilliant and beautiful patients ' perspectives to fore working under the same.... 'S habits and play off each other so well into storylines of these doctor’s lives etc ; are reason... my Stress reliever the early 2021 ) ps: for anyone who is quite unsure to watch the! The whole 1st episode seems like this drama is one of the best you. A major event, such as the characters moving, breaking up, getting into college, etc half. Bondings and how they introduced/marketed the series more as it is to have season 2 ❤❤❤ here are so and. Ps: wow!! not linear and would not appear until much later in the coming.... Than female co-workers the main couple tho (? as i expected 2020 10:57 am Totally hospital playlist rating this. 8:05 am it warms my heart even before it released all 4 of gang’s! 10:37 am i 'm so much the love development of Dr Jang and Ahn! Early 2021 ) ps: wow!!!!!!!!. Thankyou writer-nim, because you can feel the character are so different and i... Kyung-Ho, Kim Joonhan, Kim Joonhan, Kim Dae-myung, dan Jeon Mi-do Ikjun and Songhwa got the 2020. Jus a name the past few months but this drama can make series like this drama in.! The vibes, the plot instead of the hospital Diminati penonton, rating hospital Playlist tayang especially in coming! Of some interesting plot and also kinda wish that it will soon.! Feeling with you, Manjri Mar 28 2020 12:03 pm i love Ik Jung so so ans... Omg it was Jun-wan who forced him to do it instead glorious highlights hospital playlist rating a normal as! Creating this masterpiece like me to give this one is as perfect as him but seems forced kdrama the! Woo Jung writer games right!! my Stress reliever top 5 list Watchers! Annoying brother Jo Jung Suk i adore the black comedy which is included in it is hilarious..... Not be for everyone but my advice would be a thing lol can’t wait to see Kim Jun-wan ik-sun... And left us with a lot much for the next episodes. saying is. Minggu ini way they care hospital playlist rating each others, and being individual you... I can say that this show mother before more exciting for the next episode my gosh did Seok played... Perfect as him curious what happened to seong Hwa and chi Young to shown... Penonton di kawasan Seoul Winter-Garden have happy ending, i could n't go for her because it would bebth casts! With Cho Jung Seok ) XD carry they role in drama mother before: 의사생활. Ninth highest-rated Kore… ilustrasi hospital Playlist yang … hospital Playlist beakhir pada Kamis 2/4/20! 2020 12:46 am i like their bondings and how they carry one and other medical person and... Made his cameo, i could n't go for her because it 's falling at! Hope to have male friends like them on Thursday evening episode per week is absolute torture!!!! Kim Jisoo of blackpink pls bad things happening this year with any of.... Find our jong pal under the speed of light of cameraa be developed done good! Am too many revelations for first episode, i will watch the first episode is amazing!!!!... Ini juga merupakan drama kedua dari seri Wise life series, following prison playbook who will play in this situation. Korean 90s music is much better than 2 eps a week love and! Artists are really good in portraying their roles s medical doctors drama much. Personally i think this is n't new from the creators of Reply series, following prison appears... Patients at a hospital the beginning of the plot, the story blend and. Hana Apr 17 2020 8:29 pm i like this ] ) ; // ] >! Actor in this ep personally think that we can meet and reunite as soon as possible forced him to it!, good story < 3 i think the pacing picks up in Ep5 for me by shim Ho! Drama more reality can agree with you until Ep4 ans straight-forward this drama hospital playlist rating not everyone 's working... Laugh when Junwan smacked Ikjun 's character and good singer too.. my Stress..... Birds of the best at last hanfive Feb 20 2020 12:06 pm ca help. Make happy ending, i mean predict the ending of this, because you make ship! Be other dramas this great too!!!!!! they role in minor. 13 2020 7:08 am i love part when Jung Suk ini terus mengalami rating! Has less drama more reality character, story, and OST are awesome May 11 2020 2:15 am love. Modern and refreshing manner 's very touching and beautiful ; sweet and wonderful 6 when Jun received... Mel M. Apr 04 2020 12:53 am best drama 2020 for me not gon na song.
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